Comprehensive Testing Services Performed by ATLAS TESTING LABORATORIES,INC



Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff is looking forward to serving you!


  • METALLURGICAL EVALUATION A fully equipped laboratory offering micro/macrostructure examination,grain size,hardness & microhardness,intergranular corrosion,surface treatment evaluation,coating thickness,decarburization,alpha case and case depth.


MECHANICAL TESTING- Services offered: Tensile testing,Elevated Tensile testing,proof load,stress rupture,stress durability,compression,bend,single & double shear,bending moment,charpy v-notch impact conducted at room and cryogenic temperatures.


CHEMISTRY-A comprehensive laboratory that provides, spectrographic (OES), instrumental (ICP, GFAA), combustion & fusion gas analysis (LECO, Elementar) and portable field equipment to provide on-site analysis using spectrographic (OES)

Solution Analysis- A full service laboratory that specializes in titration, gravimetric and penetrant oil inspections.  Send us your technical documents and we can tell you if we are capable of performing the testing.


FRACTURE MECHANICS/FATIGUE- A fully equipped department for fatigue studies in:Tension-Tension,Tension compression and flexure. Development of S/N curves & fracture toughness evaluation.